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Good Links (Hip-Hop and non):

History of Hip-Hop Links - Davey D's History Links
Articles, reviews, and free downloads - HipHopSite
Free Mixtapes - Dat Piff
Online shop for everything underground - UGHH Baba K grew up around the block from this store... fun fact.
Jay Smooth - founder of famous NYC Hip-Hop radio show - Ill Doctrine
XXL Mag Website - XXL
The Source's 5-Mic Albums - Rate Your Music
Database of Sampled Songs - Who Sampled
Post-Black book review - New York Times - The Post-Black Condition
Ithaca College's Hip-Hop Education Links - Hip-Hop Ed
Critique of Hip-Hop Education - An F for Hip-Hop 101
How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back - City Journal
Flocabulary for the classroom - Flocabulary
Multiple-Intelligence Survey - Edutopia Online Survey
Online Collages - Photovisi
Web 2.0 Presentations - Prezi
Top 100 American Speeches of All-Time - American Rhetoric
Baltimore Mix-Tape Project - KickStarter

Important Documents:

Hip-Hop Lyrics

Tuesday 5/22 - Mos Def - Mathematics
Wednesday 5/23 - Common - I Used to Love H.E.R.
Tuesday 5/29 - Wale - Ambition
Wednesday 5/30 - J Cole - Sideline Story
Thursday 5/31 - Weekly Reading Discussion

Is Hip-Hop culture an utter failure?

Can Hip-Hop Change the Style of Politics? - Hip-Hop and Politics
Hip-Hop: Today's Civil Rights Movement? - NPR story
Political Compass Test - PC Test
Can Rap Change the World? - Hip-Hop Politics

Group Collaboration Sheet - Google Doc

Discussion - updating based on class discussions - links to downloads and articles

Fabulous Mixtape - Death Comes in 3's
Childish Gambino concert - Links to purchase
Snook Song (Swedish group) - har du tänkt på din egen begravning
What does this video say about Gambino's identity as a black male? - Bonfire
Ns is Poorest by Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) - N****s is Poorest


CD1: Where ya from?
CD2: Chop, Cut, Mix
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Note: Dates on calendar reflect DUE DATES not the date the assignment was given.